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I have had occasion to use Bob Stripling as a mediator. I found his strong experience as a litigator to be of great value in mediation. He was much more able to view the strengths and weaknesses of each side's case and was thus able to move mediation forward at a more rapid pace.

Stephen A. Rappenecker, Esq.
Rappenecker & Ryals, LLP

I fully support Bob Stripling as a dedicated and experienced mediator. Bob's decades of litigating persuasively capture the room and the attention of the parties, whether the issue is complex or simple. Bob has a unique ability to connect with decision makers based on his patience and understanding of the skills necessary to achieve success in alternative dispute resolution. Bob does not shy away from addressing the issues and results oriented focus leads to productive assessment of the issues even when a complete resolution is not possible. Bob Stripling is a great mediator.

Gilbert J. Alba, Esq.
Alba & Dubose, P.A.

It was a pleasure having you mediate the case recently. You were very helpful in getting the parties together and your efforts are sincerely appreciated. I look forward to working with you again.

Cherie Hoch Fine, Esq.
Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A.

All mediators are not created equal. I recently had a case involving a difficult party. Bob's trial experience was instrumental in creating more realistic expectations, which in turn helped the case settle. Bob was able to identify the weaknesses in each side's case without advocating for a particular result. This skill is necessary for a good mediator, and Bob does it well. I highly recommend the use of his services.

David Gagnon, Esq.
Taylor, Day, Grimm, Boyd & Johnson, P.A.

As site manager for the American Arbitration Association, it was my responsibility to oversee the Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation (RMFM) Program for Florida's Eight Judicial Circuit, a Florida Supreme Court ordered mediation program. Foreclosure mediation is often very stressful for the homeowners with a lot of uncertainty as far as expectations. It was my personal observation that Robert Stripling was exceptional in making everyone comfortable and fully explained the process. He was able to keep mediations onĀ­track, working diligently to arrive at an outcome that would be satisfactory to the participating parties. At times when it seemed the mediation process was breaking down, he would without fail always go the extra distance to have each party discuss all possible options in order to come to a positive resolution. He has his own unique style, and exhibits a calmness and a real "caring" for all concerned. It is my opinion that Robert Stripling would be an excellent mediator and is very skilled at navigating the many "land mines" one may encounter during the mediation process.

Ramona H. Griner - Former Site Manager, Eight Judicial Circuit
American Arbitration Association

"Attention to detail" and "thorough preparation" are two phrases that immediately come to mind when I think of my client's mediation experience with Bob Stripling. I have worked with many north Florida mediators over the years, and my experience with Bob Stripling as a mediator showed me that he is at the top of his game among our many skilled and experienced local mediators. What sets Bob apart from other mediators is his research of the facts and law at issue in the specific case being mediated that day. Bob doesn't arbitrarily categorize litigants' cases or rely solely on a case summary provided by one side or the other. Instead, when appropriate, Bob asks the tough questions that need to be asked before the case proceeds to the uncertainty of trial. Bob also listens sincerely to litigants' opinions as well as those of their counsel. Bob will request documents from discovery and inspect them closely to objectively weigh the opposition's arguments. Lastly, Bob's years of experience as a litigator, his many Florida Bar honors and accolades, as well as his positive reputation among judges and lawyers statewide, humbly command deep respect from lawyers on both sides of the table at mediation, which translates into persuasive and effective mediation benefitting all parties to a dispute. I highly recommend Bob Stripling as a mediator, and will continue to mediate my clients' cases with Stripling Mediation whenever possible.

Dan Vazquez, Esq.
Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A.

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Photo of Robert Stripling and client shaking handsArbitration differs from mediation in that an arbitrator or panel presides over a case, and the decision is oftentimes binding. Arbitrations are more similar to a trial and parties can almost never appeal a decision.

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