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Updated information for Stripling Mediation


Dear Clients and Colleagues:

In order to better serve our clients, we are now limiting our practice to mediation and arbitration.  My long experience in trial work as a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer has prepared me to assist parties in bringing their cases to a successful resolution.  I have found that insight into the problem, and a certain amount of persistence in helping parties analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their case often leads to a settlement.  Frequently, the mediation process is a catalyst to settlement of cases in which settlement did not occur at mediation.  For that reason, I routinely follow up after a week or two.

I am certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit-Civil Mediator.  I am also certified to mediate Federal cases, and have been qualified by the Florida Supreme Court as an arbitrator.  If you would like to schedule a mediation, visit our online calendar at www.striplingmediation.com.  It is a very easy process.  Otherwise just call the office.

We are still located in the same building which our firm has occupied for thirty years, although, we recently moved into a suite next door to our previous office.  Please note our new contact information below.  We look forward to helping you resolve your next case.

Bob Stripling