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Mediation is a process whereby a third party mediator acts to facilitate the resolution of a dispute between parties.The process of mediation has proven to be so successful in resolving disputes that most Florida courts require it before a case can proceed to trial.

Why is Mediation So Successful?

The process is informal and non-adversarial.

Some of the Types of Cases We Are Mediating Are...

Mediation Facilities Are Available

The offices of Stripling & Stripling, P.A. are located in downtown Gainesville, three blocks from the Civil Courthouse.  The Georgetown architectural flavor of the building and warm, home-like environment of the interior creates a relaxed atmosphere for conducting mediations.  There is a comfortable conference room, with several breakout rooms.  Wi-Fi internet is available, as well as facilities for faxing and copying documents.  We are always ready to serve you snacks and beverages to help you get through the day.

Florida Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediations

Due to a record number of foreclosure cases pending in the Florida Circuit Courts, the Florida Supreme Court has ordered that all residential mortgage foreclosures must first be mediated before they can be set for trial.  Bob and Sylvia Stripling are members of the American Arbitration Association's panel mediating foreclosure cases in the 8th, 17th, and 18th Circuits.  The program has proven successful by creating a forum for both lenders and borrowers to reach an alternative to foreclosure by taking advantage of some of the federal programs and other alternatives before going forward with the foreclosure process.  Private lenders and borrowers are also mediating foreclosure cases outside of the Supreme Court Managed Mediation Program.  Bob and Sylvia have taken the requisite foreclosure training which qualifies them to handle these specialized types of mediations.

Pre-Suit Mediations

Pre-Suit mediations are an excellent way of maximizing some of the advantages of the mediation process. All cases may not be suitable for pre-suit mediation if the parties are less knowledgeable of important facts that can only be developed during discovery. However, there are a vast number of legal disputes which readily lend themselves to pre-suit mediation.  If your case falls into that category, you can maximize the savings in the cost of litigation and shorten the time for resolution.  There are many cases where the facts are fairly well known by the parties, and the damages are relatively clear.  There are also many cases where the risk to both sides is great, and an early resolution would be beneficial.  In other cases, the amount in controversy is smaller, and the cost of suit would make it impractical to go through the litigation process.  All of these cases lend themselves to pre-suit mediations.